Motor Sterilization

Motor Sterilization


Power Density


An autoclave is used to sterilize equipment, components and supplies through the use of high temperature steam for a specified period of time. Autoclaves can be of the gravity type that use positive pressure or the pre-vacuum type that alternate between positive and negative pressure. Used for most medical and dental devices, the steam autoclave process provides a means to sterilize all surfaces exposed to the steam.

Solution Overview

Portescap uses the most up-to-date and advanced sterilizable designs, materials and manufacturing techniques to build motors and motion-control systems that can endure extreme conditions when appropriately sealed in a device. By optimizing our brushless DC slotted motor (critical components of a device or tool) to withstand harsh autoclave environments, Portescap has been able to extend overall device life while maintaining its demanding performance characteristics. Learn about our design approach for sterilizable motors.

Portescap Technology

Portescap’s proprietary autoclavability technology for our brushless DC slotted motors has been developed over years of experience in medical and dental applications. Portescap strives for market-leading reliability through innovation and continuous improvement. Breadth of application know-how, from surgical and dental tools to a variety of medical devices, plus motor technology expertise, enables us to offer custom-engineered motion-control solutions to meet a spectrum of performance needs.

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Specification + Detail
Model Diameter{%BR%}(in) Diameter{%BR%}(mm) Max No-Load Current{%BR%}(mA) No-Load Speed{%BR%}(rpm) Continuous Stall Torque{%BR%}(mNm) Continuous Stall Torque{%BR%}(oz-in) Continuous Stall Current{%BR%}(A) Peak Torque for 1s{%BR%}(mNm) Peak Torque for 1s{%BR%}(oz-in) Torque Constant (oz-in/A) Torque Constant (mNm/A)
ENT Microdebrider (24V) 0.50 12.7 855 11,829 39.5 5.60 2.44 449.3 63.6 2.40 17.00
ENT Microdebrider (48V) 0.50 12.7 375 11,910 41.3 5.90 1.27 490.7 69.5 4.80 34.10
Spine Drill 0.50 12.7 420 90,599 9.2 1.31 1.93 166.4 23.6 0.71 5.04
Arthroscopic Joint Shaver (7.2k rpm) 0.65 16.5 645 7,277 117.7 16.70 4.37 1 865.2 264.1 4.00 28.30
Arthroscopic Joint Shaver (4.2k rpm) 0.65 16.5 600 4,233 119.4 16.90 2.59 1 110.1 157.2 6.86 48.50
Large Bone Orthopedic Drill 1.10 27.9 900 957 818.2 115.90 8.23 11 098.0 1 571.7 16.40 116.00